Where we come from

Gami is a restaurant that opened its doors 50 years ago, during the summer of 1971. The house was the family home of current owner Fanni’s great-grandparents of known as Eugenio “of GAtella” and Paquita “MInsu”, and from here the name “GAMI” was born.

Originally it was opened as Bar Gami by the grandparents, Maria Teresa Font and Tomàs Rom. The grandmother cooked and the grandfather alternated work at sea trawl fishing for sardines with work in the restaurant. They fought tooth and nail to make the business work until 1984 when they left it in the hands of their son, Tomàs Rom Jr.

Tomàs took charge of converting this marvelous seafood bar into what would become Gami Restaurant, recognised, thanks to his triumphs, by gastronomic critics.

And now it’s the third generation’s turn! Fanni Rom, hand in hand with her husband, Antonio Martínez, took up the reins and shook it all up to give it a 180º turn. While continuing to respect the past and conserve all of the essence inherited but at the same time looking ahead to the future, Gami opened its doors in December of 2019 to become the go-to landmark gastronomic space made from the heart to share emotions and flavours.